What we do

We are all called to be ministers.

Worship ministries

Holy Trinity believes that each of us who is baptized is called to ministry, and that the talents that God has given us will determine where and how we can serve. We have a variety of ministries and activities for parishioners to take part in and encourage people to discover what their passion is and to offer that passion is service to God.

Worship is our focus at Holy Trinity. It is when we sing to God, pray to God and are fed by God. It is also the time when we meet as a community, supporting and encouraging each other in our faith and in our lives, in our joys and in our sorrows.

Because, by baptism, we are all ministers of Christ, we are invited to be a part of worship along with the ordained minister. Those drawn to the liturgy and Eucharist can participate by becoming acolytes, Eucharistic ministers (chalice servers), or lay readers. Those who love contact with people can serve as ushers or greeters, or first face to the community, and our choir is a great opportunity for those who are attracted to music, no experience required.

Make a joyful noise.

Music ministries

Music is a gift from God and helps us to reach towards God in ways that mere words cannot. Music enhances the liturgy, voicing the range of human emotions that find its place through the church year, from reflective and somber in Lent to boisterous and joyous at Easter. The adult choir takes us through these places at the Sunday service and at special services as well, and a recently started children’s choir practices each week after church to get ready to sing a hymn during the Celebration Sunday on the first Sunday of each month. There are also plans in the early stages to expand our music program by reaching out with education into the larger community.

There’s so much to learn at every age.

Education Ministries

Christian education is an important part of Holy Trinity’s commitment to our future, to our community and to our world.

Godly Play

Godly Play is an education program for children ages 4 through 10. They meet Sunday mornings from 9:45 until 10:40 and join the church service just after the sing of peace when they join their families in the pews for communion and the remainder of the service.

Godly Play is a discovery program that gives children the language that they need to discover and explore their faith. Each class is divided into five sections: the Greeting is when each child is welcomed to the class and joins the circle where they get ready to listen to the story. The storyteller then tells the story for the week, sacred stories from the Old Testament, parables or liturgy, using three-dimensional materials which help engage the children. Afterwards, the children are asked questions and are invited to share their thoughts as well as to spend some time with art materials as a way to process the story. They end by sharing a snack and giving thanks.

Journey to Adulthood (J2A)

This program is for children and young adults in grades 6 through 12. It balances Bible study and prayer with both serious and playful activities to nurture the whole person during the challenging passage from childhood to adulthood. It enables young people to discover and experience the love of god and provides sacred space for teens to question, wonder and work on their relationships with God and each other.

Adult Education

Christian formation doesn’t end when we become adults. It’s a lifelong process during which we grow more and more into Christ. Programs of study of the Bible and other Christian literature are an important part of this continuous process and an opportunity to ask questions, explore answers and debate ideas.

Helping those in need.

Service ministries

Holy Trinity understands that Jesus calls upon us to look beyond ourselves and our small circles and to reach into the wider community to serve others.

Trinity Trader Thrift Shop   Holy Trinity’s main means of service is through the Trinity Trader Thrift Shop. Run for over 21 years by a group of dedicated women, it not only provides clothing and other items at affordable prices but also offers the hospitality and love of God to all who come through the doors.

Soup Kitchen   To help the hungry, four times a year, four to eight volunteers serve hot meals at the New Bedford Salvation Army Soup Kitchen as part of a program in which other area churches take part. Holy Trinity also collects food throughout the year and grows vegetables in the summer for Tiverton’s local food pantry.

Youth Group    Our youth learn too about the importance of community service. The youth group that meets in conjunction with Amicable Congregational Church is involved at least once a month in projects such as an annual sleep-out in February to raise funds and awareness for the homeless, and assembling food baskets for local families in need.

Donations    Throughout the year, there may be one-time calls from a particular organization for items such a donations of coats or teddy bears, and the parish always responds with generous hearts.

For someone looking for ways to help in the community, there are opportunities at Holy Trinity. And there is always room for someone who would like to create new ones.

Help sometimes begins at home.

Parish ministries

Vestry    The vestry, the church’s board of directors, is elected annually by the full membership of the parish and meets once a month. It consists of four officers each serving on-year terms and six members who serve for three years. An annual meeting which is open to all members is held usually in January during which elections are held, the budget is discussed and voted on, and all other parish business is reviewed. Communication and transparency are very important to Holy Trinity. Vestry meetings are open to all members, minutes are posted after every meeting and financial statements are available for review.

Buildings & Grounds    This committee oversees all things related to the physical facilities of Holy Trinity, from major capital improvements to the annual planting of the vegetable garden. Working with them is the sexton who takes care of routine maintenance and upkeep as well as other projects. In addition, there are annual clean-up days during which parishioners can help out with painting, gardening and other cleaning projects and repair jobs.

Loving our neighbors.

Fellowship ministries

Holy Trinity is a parish that many will say is an extended family for them where God’s love is felt every week. After worship, most of the congregation meets in the parish hall for coffee hour to visit and catch up with friends. There are occasional pot luck suppers, movie nights for the kids (and adults, too!) as well as the monthly summer cookouts held after the 5:00 service on Saturdays. The Christmas Fair provides not only fundraising opportunities but also the chance for people to get to know each other a little better. for many, walking into Holy Trinity feels like they’re walking into a second home, and there’s always room for more.

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